Gus Searcy

Gus Searcy


Mr. Gus Searcy came into this world in an unusual way and has since lived an unusual and varied life.

At age 16, his parents signed over power of attorney to him as an adult so he could play the stock market. Once they realized he really knew what he was doing, the only way to buy and sell over the phone was to give him “adult” status.

By 17 he was earning a significant income and has been doing that every year since… (he jokes, that it is only about 5 years now).

By age 19 he became a landlord owning one of the most rented condos in Mammoth, California.

At age 21 he became the youngest owner in the world of a 7-11 franchise.

By age 24 he owned a world champion Frisbee catching dog, which made more money than some people make in a lifetime.

By age 26, as a performing member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, he became one of the highest paid magicians in the world.

By age 28 he invented and perfected a new product and technology that landed in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. where it resides today.

His success in life, and his very life itself, was made from a series of positive choices most people would not have made. His book ( is about those choices and how the power of positive choice affected his life and could change your life as well!

Peter McNaughton



Accurate Orthopedic Care Inc, Vice President of Sales, October 2008 – March 2010 Initiating, developing, and maintaining relationships with medical facilities that need our products. Including Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Insurance companies.

Giant RV Sales Manager, RV Consultant, March 1997 – October 2008 
RV Consultant-Guide clients through the sales process from start to finish. Including Greeting, logging, lining, qualifying, turning (giving and taking), filling out credit applications, writing offers, countering offers, and closing deals. Sales consultants also were required to see the products through the service process where additional products are added to RV’s. Sales Manager- Hiring, scheduling, and training RV Consultants. Keeping track of inventory, sales, customer counts, follow up, and profits. Seeing service work was scheduled, overseeing store inventory and displaying it.

Mike Thompsons RV, RV Consultant, April 1993 – February 1997
Guide clients through the sales process from start to finish. Including Greeting, logging, lining,
qualifying, turning (giving and taking), filling out credit applications, writing offers, countering offers, and closing deals. Sales consultants also were required to see the products through the service process where additional products are added to RV’s. Things like hydraulic jacks, satellite dishes, back up cameras were frequent service additions. I was frequently the Number one seller of these add on products. I also frequently won awards for highest gross commission per unit on new and used Motorhomes as well and highest total commissions.

Hobbies & Interests
I enjoy RVing, Road Racing, Alpine Skiing, Desert racing, Fishing, and days at the beach.

Professional Skills
Lead follow up, Closing, Negotiations, Relationship Building, and Communications

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the world leader in providing inexpensive, simple, and innovative technologies for water conservation… with results you can see!!

Core Goals

  • Bring the concept of “FRESH WATER RECLAMATION SYSTEMS” to the world.

  • Save our first MILLION GALLONS “intentionally” by using AQUA VIEW products and technology!

Our Experience

Product Development 38 Years
Marketing & PR 20 Years
New Business Development 15 Years
New Product Consulting 10 Years

Aqua View, Inc.

Water is a “Hot” topic! In some areas access to clean affordable water is reaching crisis stages. Our supply of water is under attack from multiple fronts. As a country/world, we do very little to protect and extend the life of this valuable commodity. It doesn’t take a scientist to see that without changing the way we secure, store and use this commodity, we will run out of water! You only have to look at the dried up reservoirs in Arizona, California and Nevada! While our natural supplies of water decrease, our wastage increases. During the course of living our daily lives, we unintentionally waste this commodity that is so crucial to our existence. At Aqua View, we believe that by utilizing our patented products and technologies, we can make it easier for you to become part of the solution!

Whether we are at home or away in a hotel, RV’s, or boats/ships, we unintentionally waste A LOT of clean drinking water!

Have you ever stopped to think of how many gallons of clean, cold water go down the drain from the time we turn on our shower faucet, until the water is warm enough for us to step in! We can SAVE that water before it even comes out of the shower head!!

Are you ready to stop wasting thousands of gallons each year? Are you ready to not only save money, but save this valuable resource for critical needs?

We Offer:

Solutions that address our need to conserve this precious commodity.

Ask yourself: Is having access to affordable clean drinking water important to you? Knowing that water wastage is a serious problem in the US and throughout the World, don’t we all have an obligation to conserve where we can? Even small steps to conserve can have a huge effect on our water reserves. Are you ready to do your part? IF NOT NOW – WHEN?

If you have an RV or boat you’re probably aware of water (clean, gray and black) storage limitations. Our technology will allow you to have access to more drinkable water without adding additional storage!

Ask About Our:



Whenever you have to “haul” water, you are keenly aware of how much you have and how much you have to dispose of! Live your life as if you were on a life raft at sea with very little drinking water. How would that change your use of water?